The Delite by Riese & Muller


The Bosch system

Reliable, performance-oriented and innovative – these are the standards to which we hold our E-Bikes, as well as all components and especially the drive system. That’s why all Riese & Müller E-Bikes are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch drive system.


Depending on the model

Performance CXPerformance Speed


Depending on the configuration

Intuvia DisplayKiox Display

Great safety, even at high speeds.

Only an E-Bike with true full suspension consistently keeps ground contact even on poor roads – and keeps you in full control. The active rear wheel swing arm, optimised front wheel suspension and co-sprung luggage carrier form the core of the Control Technology. They ensure better road holding, sportier riding behaviour and safety even at high speeds and in tricky situations. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobbles or kerbs are simply smoothed out. Your luggage is also protected by the frame-mounted, sprung luggage carrier

Because not every adventure starts at your doorstep.

The DualBattery Technology perfected by Riese & Müller ensures twice the range or far higher climbs, fewer charging breaks and longer-lasting riding pleasure. The batteries are so cleverly positioned that the extra weight has no noticeable impact on riding behaviour – and yet both are easy to remove. With the 1,000 Wh now available, completely new destinations can be reached and you no longer have to worry about your range in your daily routine


Simple. Indestructible.

Anyone riding an E-Bike with the Gates CDX carbon belt drive is at peace. And in two ways: because on the one hand the innovative drive offers a wonderfully smooth ride and great riding comfort. While at the same time being unbelievably low-maintenance and performing its tasks with the utmost reliability. The carbon belt drive provides a new, carefree riding experience – for every need and every intent.

Always on high alert.

This lock knows all about quiet and loud noises: the Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A is activated as soon as you use it to secure your E-Bike. Move the bike only slightly and you'll hear a short, quiet sound. Attempt to steal it, and you'll trigger a 100 db alarm. Enough to frighten off any would-be thief. Naturally, this folding lock is also extremely strong and robust – and it closes with the same key as the battery lock, so you only need one key for your E-Bike.


Delite GT touring

The ultimate riding pleasure: Bosch Performance CX motor, sporty and efficient Shimano Deore XT 11-speed derailleur gear, Magura MT4 disc brakes, Fat Tire Road

from 7,469 $*

Delite GT touring HS

Racing machine: like the Delite GT touring with Bosch Performance Speed motor, assistance up to 45 km/h (28 mph)

from 7,919 $*

Delite GT vario

Bosch Performance CX motor, continuous Enviolo hub gear, always in the perfect gear, virtually maintenance- and wear-free, Gates belt drive, hydraulic Magura MT4 disc brakes, Fat Tire Road

from 7,809 $*

Delite GT vario HS

Like the Delite GT vario, with Bosch Performance Speed motor, assistance up to 45 km/h (28 mph)

from 8,289 $*

*** more models available, please call for more information 

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