Stromer ST1X Electric Bike- Sold in store only

Stromer ST1 X – The superlative way to commute. The “X” stands for “cross over” in the sense that the technology and design of the top-level ST2 line are crossing over into the ST1 family. Unique features are the connectivity including Omni portal app and the integrated anti-theft protection. But we have also taken the power, range and design of the new Stromer ST1 X to the next level.

The all-new 2017 Stromer ST1 X is the newest member of the Stromer family. Its elegant finish hints at its design and technological innovations. In addition to the clean white and charcoal finishes, you can also choose a fresh shade of orange for your ST1 X. Apart from that, two models with different frame sizes are available. The Lowstep model with its 17-inch frame offers great ease of mounting and dismounting, even when you’re wearing elegant clothing.  Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of urban mobility of up to 28 mp/h.

Range: The Stromer ST1 X can easily cover short and medium distances. The power pack ingeniously integrated into the frame comes with lithium-ion cells, and charging it is a piece of cake. You can either charge the battery directly in the e-bike, or externally at any conventional power socket in the office or at home. Also, The Stromer ST1 X generates energy from the braking process itself and automatically feeds it back into the battery.

Power: The Stromer ST1 X motor runs quietly and efficiently, and the powerful torque produces a strong acceleration. You will be off the moment the traffic lights turn green, leaving the cars behind you. Specific algorithms developed by Stromer ensure an optimal driving experience. How much pedal work you do on your e-bike is entirely up to you.

Design: The Stromer ST1 X is a masterpiece of clean design into which proven technology is cleverly integrated. The battery, for instance, is inside the down tube, the motor in the rear hub, and the cables inside the frame.

Connectivity: The Stromer ST1 X has all the benefits of the digital world and can connect with the Omni portal and your smartphone. In addition to optimized settings, a current kilometer reading, and service information. Also includes anti-theft protection and a tracking option.



43cm – 56cm


26 inches




Tektro Dorado Hyraulic Disc Brake


Shimano SLX 11 Speed, Cassette




Schwalbe Big Ben Puncture Guard


CYRO Drive, 28 mph , 35 Nm

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