Whizzy R1 S

New Model: 48V, 350W, 10.4AH

much stronger, faster acceleration, better uphill drive, recommended for hill usage, heavier person, or just for more fun !!!



Fashionable, intelligent, portable, foldable, electric bike. With unique designe and the best quality our e-Bike is making a super dream for fashion-favored riders. This is a perfect combination of advanced technology and aesthetic art.

  • You can go wherever you want: visit parks, beaches - just use the bike roads or sidewalks.
  • Forget the parking problems and parking fees. You can easy park even in city center and crowded places
  • Our bikes are foldable in seconds so you can transport it in your car or take on the yacht or boat.
  • Use our bikes as a transportation to work, school, for shopping or just ride for pleasure.
  • Don't worry about theft - alarm and keyless entry will give a peace of mind.
  • No gas expenses, no gas smell ! Affordable and pleasant exploitation.
  • Use bluetooth speakers or connect your phone through USB port and listen to your favourite music during a ride
  • Be ECO-friendly- use carbon emission free and noise free transportation !






  • Genuine leather saddle, soft and comfortable.
  • Taiwan Cheng Shie tyress with automobile standard, top-level anti-friction material, safe and anti-explosion
  • Unique K shape structure