What Is An Electric Bike?

June 20, 2017

So you've heard about the electric bike craze, eh? Now you find yourself asking... what exactly does that mean? So let us explain..

Essentially, an electric bike is just like a normal bike, except with an electric motor that is used to move you, or help move you. There are two main ways in which this works. First, is with a throttle. Think like a motorcycle- giving you immediate power- with or without pedaling. Most people who prefer a throttle like it because they can ride the bike just like a normal bike, but just get help when they need it. For instance, when you are trying to get up a big hill, or to get through an intersection faster. The second method is called pedal assist. Pedal assist functions just like a conventional bike would, except when the pedal assist is turned on, the motor provides assistance. This allows people to go on longer rides and more difficult rides than they would have thought possible. Many people like to commute to work using the pedal assist, knowing they can work as hard or as little as they would like. This is also great for older people who might have thought biking was something they could no longer do. Many bikes also offer BOTH a throttle and pedal assist. 

Electric bikes use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Most bikes have an average speed of 20-28 mph. Because they always have the ability to be pedaled like a normal bicycle, they are classified as one, allowing them to still go on bike trails, paths etc. just like a normal bike. 

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