All Your Battery Questions

November 29, 2017

Batteries are at the top of our most frequent questions asked by customers. 

Lithium Ion? 

Lithium-ion batteries are among the most up-to-date and common electric bike batteries around. They have a high energy density which means they can store more energy and are relatively light in weight. Lithium batteries also last a long time. Usually lithium batteries don’t just stop working, they gradually lose their capacity over time. A lifespan of a battery is very hard to predict, as there are so many contributing factors. A general range is between 500-1300 charge cycles. 

Winter... just like any battery, the cold is going to slightly reduce the batteries performance. Store the battery inside at room temperature when not using. 

Understanding Amp and Voltage:

Amp hours or AH- are going to be equivalent to the gas tank of a car. Essentially, it is going to give you an indication of how far you can go (the range). Amp hours will tell you how far your bike can travel. The reason you see such a large range when looking at bikes (ie 25-60miles per charge) is because there are several factors that can contribute to the range..

-how many hills are on your ride

-using pedal assist level 1 versus 6

-are you using the throttle a lot? the range will significantly decrease

- head wind vs. tail wind

-weight of the rider and their load

-tire pressure: low tire pressure is going to give you a lower range

Battery voltage is going to be like the horsepower on a car. It is going to tell you how powerful your bike will feel when you are riding. Most e-bikes range between 24-48v. The more volts, the more power you will feel. If you are a heavier rider, going to be riding up steeper hills, or in a windy area, a higher voltage (48v) might be the best option for you. 

Watt Hours: essentially Volts x Amp-hours = the amount of energy in the battery, or watt hours (WH).  

Charge time:

Every battery is different. But on average, allow 2-5 hours for a complete charge. They can be plugged in to any standard wall outlet. 

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